Hello Home Doctor Service is an accredited Medical Deputising Service provider providing after-hours primary care to residents in aged care facilities on behalf of their Regular GP. 


Our Service is committed to leading the way for quality after hours care through collaboration and communication with all Aged Care Facilities and attending GP's.   


Together we are creating “Better Connection, Better Care”.   




How our Doctors assist:-


COMMON AILMENTS Such as, but not limited to, gastroenteritis, UTI’s, respiratory infections, flu, high temperatures, rashes, bed sores etc

MEDICATIONS CHART REVIEWS Update and administer medication, where required

WOUND CARE including simple sutures as long as the bleeding is controlled and suturable in the facility

PATHOLOGY RESULTS Result analysis and commence treatment as appropriate

ACUTE DETERIORATION Assessment and necessary treatment

WELFARE ASSESSMENT Residents welfare assessment and management of behavioural change at a particular point in time

FALLS ASSESSMENT Conduct an assessment in the event of a fall with no visible injuries

PALLIATIVE CARE Administering treatment plan and/or instructions from regular GP or end of life care

VERIFICATION OF DEATH Complete documentation to verify that death has occurred

CATHERTERISATION Catheter insertion where equipment and preparation are available